About an AccountingMantra

We all love Accounting

“We all love Accounting!”

As the quote says, we all love accounting, rather, have to love accounting!

Whether you are an accountant, a business personal, a professional like doctor or engineer, a marketing firm, an IT sector, a non-profit organization, a government body or a simple house person…accounting is everywhere. Accounting plays unbeaten part in our day to day and professional life.

In simple words, money earned vs spentĀ is an imperative part a common life and the business. This drives our savings, investments and future planning too. Accounting is just not an entry of debit and credit. It’s way of putting money matters in simple but effective manners.

Knowledge is the power. An accounting provides the knowledge and insight through various financial statements and reports. These helps in decision making and assessments. Accounting lets you know your financial position at given point of time.

In the era of technology, we do have many tools and applications to manage accounting. But having knowledge of accounting will enable you to go next miles.

AccountingMantra – a simple mantra to understand and learn Accounting. We are covering topics from basics to advanced. At the same time, keeping you informed about current affairs in Finance & Accounting world and acting as a quick reference information portal. We are keeping it simple to make your understanding easy.

AccountingMantra is a team of real-life accountants with great work-experiences in Finance & Accounting, Banking, Insurance, Technology and various industries.

To conclude – a lovely Accounting Song sung by an accounting teacher! This youtube video can be looked as an inspiration behind the motto of AccountingMantra!